Are you considering renovating your hotel?
Unlock opportunities by transforming it into an
eco-efficient hotel
Reduce operating costs and improve your market position

¿What is an eco-efficient hotel?

It's a successful hotel that provides services at a competitive price. It benefits from a reduction in the consumption of resources, energy and emissions while maximizing profits and reducing the environmental impact.
It's a win -win situation for you- the business, the staff, the environment and society in general.

What are the advantages?

1Costs: cut operating costs – energy, water and maintenance...

2Subsidies & financing options: access to grants, subsidies and specialist credit lines.

3Image: improved market positioning and ratings from guests

4Comfort: less noise, better ventilation and an overall healthier environment...

5Regulatory compliance: comply with current legislation…

6Value: increase the hotel´s financial value.

Why choose EFFIHOTEL?

1Results: guaranteed cost savings.

2Revenue: more bookings.

3Return on investment: reduced pay back period.

4Innovation: Building Energy Management System (BEMS) which is easy to use and economical.

5Integrated project management: end-to-end solutions. We have our own furniture factory, installation and construction services.

6Certification: sustainability and energy efficient certification guaranteed.

Use this opportunity to transform your hotel into an eco-efficient business.
Sustainability and cost efficiency are compatible

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Where are we?

The company

Effihotel can help you transform your building into an eco-efficient hotel, cutting your energy spend with a fast renovation so you don't lose business and with zero risk as you are guaranteed cost savings.


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