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What is an eco-efficient hotel?

It's all about doing more with less that's why we think that an eco-efficient property has to meet the needs of its users, providing comfort but at a competitive cost. By reducing emissions and waste as well as the consumption of natural resources (materials and energy) to an acceptable level where the earth can renew and regenerate.

An eco-efficient hotel offers quality and comfort to its guests and staff at a competitive price. It uses natural resources responsibly by cutting emissions and waste thus having a minimum impact on the environment and equally important, generating cost savings and improving the bottom line of the business.

These initiatives can be developed and adapted to your hotel's requirements resulting in an action plan to transform your business into an eco-efficient, green hotel. For example:

  • Put together a best practices manual so clients and staff are involved in the sustainable policy of the hotel.
  • Optimize energy and water consumptio.
  • Provide energy efficient solutions for waste management, lighting, HVAC and domestic hot water systems.
  • Adopt renewable energy systems.
  • Save on other resources such as paper, printer inks, detergents etc.
  • Fit out the hotel with sustainably sourced furniture,  wood paneling and special finishes.
Use this opportunity to transform your hotel into an eco-efficient business.
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Effihotel can help you transform your building into an eco-efficient hotel, cutting your energy spend with a fast renovation so you don't lose business and with zero risk as you are guaranteed cost savings.


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