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Monitoring and control systems – Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS)

We successfully design and implement our own monitoring and control systems across the whole building or we can upgrade an existing building management system.

monitorización y control

Our network of monitoring systems are not only a key tool to analyzing the building's services performance and identifying energy efficient solutions, they also provide a number of additional  advantages which are vital to efficient running of the hotel:

  • Following the energy and environmental policy:  the collected data is useful to inform staff of good energy management principles and can be used together with the best practices manual as a simple, low-cost and effective measure to achieve significant cost savings.
  • Alarm monitoring: a powerful feature that can identify and communicate alarm conditions ensuring a quick and corrective response which avoids extra costs and other potentially serious problems. For example: a system might detect a problem and send a message to a mobile device when the air-conditioning or hot water is lower than the legally established levels in order to avoid an outbreak of legionella.
  • Automation: this avoids the incorrect or unnecessary use of a system.  For example, automatically turning off lights in rooms that are not in use.


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Effihotel can help you transform your building into an eco-efficient hotel, cutting your energy spend with a fast renovation so you don't lose business and with zero risk as you are guaranteed cost savings.


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