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We understand your concerns: renovations can lead to a fall in bookings or worse, the loss of regular clients. If the building work is carried out while the hotel is open, this can result in complaints or negative comments which is serious, that´s why the planning and co-ordinating stage of the project is so vital. At Effihotel, we always aim to complete the project in the shortest time possible. 

Grupo IC has more than 25 years´ experience of quality building and renovation projects, all completed in record time. We have our own factory to manufacture furniture and specialist decor.  Our highly-qualified team on site are specialists and we have our own Site Managers, Fitters and Installers who ensure efficient co-ordination and are committed to the client´s objectives.

Our philosophy is to work closely with our architects in the design phase to get it right first time in order to avoid any unforeseen hiccups that might affect the timeline of the project.

This means we can carry out the renovation in less time and save costs thus freeing up time.


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Effihotel can help you transform your building into an eco-efficient hotel, cutting your energy spend with a fast renovation so you don't lose business and with zero risk as you are guaranteed cost savings.


Parque Empresarial Los Llanos
Avda. de Salteras, P- 266 B-3, Salteras